Lakhruak: A zaw tukmi Chin ralzaam ngakchia thlopnak caah Malaysia rammi sinah bawmh an hal cuahmah

Malaysia rammi Tuluk pawl nih RM700 an bawmh cang. Rianrang in RM3,500 a herh.

Malaysia um Chin ralzaam bawhte (nute) Zam Sian Tan cu a chuah cangka in a tak a aihre dih caah atu hi University Malaya Sizung ah a umnak zarh 5 a si cang. Sibawi nih “a ril pem caah khulrang in hlai a hau” an ti.

Nain, hlai hlan ah deposit RM3,500 chiah a hauh caah atutiang an hlai rih lo. 

Hringtu nulepa Pu Nang Cin Khai le Pi Ning Lun Ciin hna cu an lungretheih tuk caah Malaysia Tuluk nu Heidy Quah nih Malaysia rammi sinah bawmh a halpiak cuahmah hna lio a si.

Malaysia rammi hna nih rianrang in an bawmh lo ahcun kan thisa Chin ngakchia a nunnak liam kho. 

Pathian dawtnak thawngin US, Australia, Norway, Canada le Malaysia ah Chinmi tampi kan um hna. Kan thisa Chin nu nunnak khamh rian hi Malaysia rammi kut ah maw kan chiah ko lai?

Pathian rian ttuan a duhmi paoh nih rak bawmh khawh cio a si.

Bawmhnak cu Heidy Quah bank account ah kuat khawh a si. A bank card cu Chin ralzaam bu upa sinah a pek.

Tangka a tlin cangka in Chin ralzaam upa nih ATM ah an chuah lai i sizung ah an va pek zokzok hna lai, mah hnu ah hlai an thok lai.

Tangka kuatnak;

  • CIMB Bank
  • 7009868413
  • Heidy Quah Gaik Li

Atu in suimilaam 48 chungah RM3,500 tlinter a hau.

Tlawm te cio kan bawmh zongah a tthahnem tuk. Na bawmh khawh lo zongah mah ca hi share piak ve.. Kan i lawm tuk.

[ URGENT : Looking to raise RM3500 for a sick refugee baby to undergo surgery ]

RM700 raised of RM3500 so far! 

Hi friends!

I know I am away and promised myself (and others) that I will stay away from work as much as possible. But when you have a family close to heart that’s begging you for help…you know you gotta do what you gotta do.

One of my students’ newborn sister has been hospitalised in the ICU for the past 5 weeks. We’re urgently looking to raise RM3500 as a deposit the hospital is requesting for, for the baby to undergo surgery. 

Those interested and available to help can bank in the amount to

CIMB 7009868413 Heidy Quah Gaik Li

I am currently away but this is a temporary account I have set up to collect urgent assistance funds for refugees who need healthcare attention.

I have passed my ATM card to a very respected and trusted refugee community leader who is my right hand man in dealing with such cases. When funds are raised, he will pay the hospital so that surgery can be conducted.

We have 48 hours to raise RM3500 and I believe that this is very possible. Every little bit helps! If you can’t donate, do share this – – thank you very much!

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